Inglês Língua Estrangeira – Nível B2.1. (2º semestre) 2021/2022


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This is a general English course for adults and young adults who need to improve their basic English skills, both for their academic studies and professional activities and also to communicate effectively in everyday interactions and social situations


CEF B2.1. level review


Unit 1 – How do you feel?

Weekend activities/ Likes and dislikes/ Question forms/ Prepositions with adjectives/ Tense review

Unit 2 – We haven’t got time

Work collocations/ Modal verbs: be able to, be allowed to, be supposed to/ Gradable and strong adjectives/ Adverbs/ Showing concern, giving and responding to advice

Unit 3 – The tourist trade

Travel and holiday/ Phrasal verbs (1), Present perfect simple: experience, unfinished past and recent events/ Present perfect versus past simple/ Asking for and making recommnedations

Unit 4 – Born to be wild

Music collocations/ Character adjectives/Adjectives to describe behavior/ Past simple and past continuous/ Used to/ Past perfect/ Past perfect or past simple/ Softening opinions and making generalizations

Unit 5 – Home truths

Homes/ Materials/ Making comparisons/ Phrasal verbs (2)/ The future: will, going to and present continuous/ Verb patterns

Unit 6 – Decisions and choices

Make and do/ First conditional and future time clauses/ Reflexive pronouns/ Zero or first conditional/ Synonyms/Discussion language

*Teacher may bring in any material deemed pertinent or necessary for the students’ linguistic development

CONDIÇÕES DE FREQUÊNCIA: Os alunos devem frequentar no mínimo 75% das aulas e obter nota mínima de 10 valores, para obter no final do curso um certificado de competências.

CONDIÇÕES DE AVALIAÇÃO: 1 Prova final (escrita e oral), este teste final será feito de acordo com as normas do Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência.

Certificado de avaliação