Inglês Língua Estrangeira – Nível B2.1. (1º semestre)


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To provide CEF level B2.1. training in the English language

CEF B2.1. level review

SKILL               COMPETENCE

Unit 1 – How do you feel?

Weekend activities/ Likes and dislikes/ Question forms/ Prepositions with adjectives/ Tense review

Unit 2 – We haven’t got time

Work collocations/ Modal verbs: be able to, be allowed to, be supposed to/ Gradable and strong adjectives/ Adverbs/ Showing concern, giving and responding to advice

Unit 3 – The tourist trade

Travel and holiday/ Phrasal verbs (1), Present perfect simple: experience, unfinished past and recent events/ Present perfect versus past simple/ Asking for and making recommnedations

Unit 4 – Born to be wild

Music collocations/ Character adjectives/Adjectives to describe behavior/ Past simple and past continuous/ Used to/ Past perfect/ Past perfect or past simple/ Softening opinions and making generalizations

Unit 5 – Home truths

Homes/ Materials/ Making comparisons/ Phrasal verbs (2)/ The future: will, going to and present continuous/ Verb patterns

Unit 6 – Decisions and choices

Make and do/ First conditional and future time clauses/ Reflexive pronouns/ Zero or first conditional/ Synonyms/Discussion language

*Teacher may bring in any material deemed pertinent or necessary for the students’ linguistic development

One full written test or two mini written tests, 2 listening tests and 1 oral presentation (students are expected to produce and present work based on the materials covered in classes as well as answer questions placed by teacher and/or colleagues related to the same)
The reading/writing component is worth 50% and the oral/aural component is worth 50%, subdivided into 15% for listening skills and 35% for oral skills

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